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Donna Clegg, M.Ed.

Hello! This is my second year as the ESOL teacher for the Sanborn district. I am an itinerant teacher which means I travel to each of the schools in the district to provide services for ESOL students. I work with my students in their regular classrooms as well as pulling them out in small groups or one on one to work on specific skills. 


I have been in education for the past 20 years starting as a substitute, then a paraeducator. I have worked in Title I, Special Education, taught middle school English and have transitioned to ESOL, which I love! In addition to education I have also written for a newspaper and wrote/edited assessments and educational material for a publishing company. I have a B.S in Liberal Arts/Theater and my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction both from Northeastern University in Boston. 

I raised 3 daughters who are now grown and I have 3 young grandchildren, the oldest goes to Bakie. I enjoy hiking, and going to the dog park with my dog. I spend my summers camping, hiking, going to the beach, reading and tending to my garden (which I am still new at). I enjoy traveling and have lived abroad. I spent about 4 months living in Germany as an au-pair, I did not know German and had to learn the language as I went. I spent 4 years living in England and although we speak the same language, there are so many differences so I had to learn new words and phrases as well as cultural differences. My two oldest daughters were born in England and we moved to the U.S. when they were quite young. So here I am at Sanborn, enjoying getting to know all my students and their families! Feel free to reach out to me at


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