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Wednesday, June 18, 2014    

"Our Community of Readers"

A huge THANK YOU to our "Community of Readers"
who have helped us celebrate reading in our schools.

jan_bennett_reading   jen_p_reading  jon_morano_reading
Mrs.  Bennett              Mrs. Pomykato                Mr. Morano
  School Board              Dir. Special Ed.              School Board

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    Mr. Trumelle                    Dr. Blake
  Asst. Principal, HS            Superintendent

    Congratulations on your nomination for
Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Zeeben!


On  Tuesday, April 8, 2014, Jill Zeeben was recognized as a nominee for the
NH Teacher of the Year Award. Jill presented her work to the judging
panel and received a certificate of merit. 
Ms. Zeeben is a third grade teacher at Bakie School. In reflecting
on  contributions to Sanborn, Ms. Bamforth stated the following:
Using Responsive Classroom strategies, Jill creates a classroom culture that is inclusive, safe,
and welcoming. She treats students with respect and guides them to treat others
in the same way. What makes Jill truly exceptional is that she is the definition
of a continuous learner. When something is not working for a student in her
room, she goes looking for answers. She truly embraces our school motto:
Learning for All in a Community of Caring. She works closely with special
educators and paraprofessionals to ensure that every minute of a student's day
is meaningful.
Jill is reflective of the type of practitioner we need
in our classrooms for the 21st century.

Sanborn Regional Fine Arts Summer Program
The Sanborn Regional School District is  offering a Fine Arts Summer 2014 Enrichment Program. These programs are being offered to students in 4th & 5th grade as well as Middle & High School.  If you have a child who is interested please click here for the complete Summer 2014 Program guide as well as sign up sheets.