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We recognize that school will look different in the fall. We know that we must adjust how we would normally operate per the CDC guidelines, but we also recognize that it not realistic to run busses with only ten students in a bus, students will not be able to eat lunch in large groups in the cafeteria, and we will need to limit the traveling and physical contact in the buildings. This work is very dynamic in nature. As information regarding COVID-19 changes we may need to change plans. 

We are asking our Sanborn families to complete this survey, which should take you 5-7 minutes, keeping the ideas below in mind when you provide your answers. These are our initial thoughts and may change as we consider feedback from various stakeholders and guidance from the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, and any other state, local, or federal guidance and/or directives: 

  1. Students will need to wear masks at a minimum on the bus and during travel from one classroom to another (including in the hallways). Masks will be required at various times/places throughout the school day at the discretion of school staff and/or administration. PK-3 students will have age appropriate guidelines for wearing masks that may be less restrictive.

  2. Large group gatherings of students will not be allowed (such as student assemblies).

  3. Students are encouraged to bring lunch and snacks from home including a full water bottle whenever possible.

  4. Students will be eating lunch and snacks in smaller groups or settings such as classrooms. Those who need to buy school lunch will either pick it up in the cafeteria or have it delivered to them.

  5. Music and Physical Education classes may be limited to small groups and social distancing because of the droplets exhaled during these activities.

  6. Students will go to recess in small groups (possibly two classrooms at a time to limit exposure).

  7. Parents will need to transport their children to and from school as much as possible to lower the amount of exposure on the bus.

  8. Fall sports and afterschool activities are not clear yet. We are doing conditioning training now and will need to revisit this mid-August.

  9. Students will be asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands and clean their desks frequently.

  10. We are currently discussing health screenings and how the District will respond when positive cases are found in the school community. 

Families may choose to complete the survey for each one of their children, or they may only want to complete it one time. If you only complete it once, please do so thinking of your oldest student in our district.  

If you do not receive the link to the survey on July 10th, please email Dr. Patty Haynes

Thank you,

The Sanborn Regional School District Reopening Task Force

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