District Competencies & Performance Indicators

Last Updated: 8/23/2022 6:41 PM

SRSD K-12 Graduation Competencies

SRSD K-12 Graduation Competencies were developed in August, 2021 and are based on state and national standards. They specifically describe the most essential content knowledge that students will need to truly emerge from the educational experience college and career ready, as described in the Graduate Success Profile. The same competencies will be reported on for all the content areas that students experience every year from Kindergarten through 12th grad, which creates a consistent set of information and data across the district. The revisions are an improvement that will:

  1. Help teachers and families clearly understand areas of growth and need
  2. Enable the teachers to make adjustments based on past performance, and use intervention programs when the need arises
  3. Allow the district to evaluate programs and instructional practices to make changes 
  4. Provide clear evidence to learners of their progress

The competencies will show up in Alma Grade Reports for each marking period, and will have assignments tied to them in the Gradebook.


Performance Indicators

Teachers will be using the Performance Indicators below to determine the specific knowledge and skills being assessed under each competency. The indicators are based on clearly defined learning progressions for each content area.  Performance indicators are aligned with content-area and cross-curricular state standards, and provide more detailed descriptions of what it means to meet each K-12 Graduation Competency. Scoring criteria for each performance indicator will be developed in the near future.



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